Physics Day

Everyone enjoyed a day of learning in a fun environment that allowed students and teachers to interact. Students worked to collect data for physics class and often asked questions of the faculty as well.  Students especially enjoyed watching the faculty ride the roller coaster and dragon’s descent.

Many of us were drawn to the roller coaster. The goal was to have a train full of Gould students and faculty. Several students kept asking about when they could ride the coaster without stopping, but realized too many people wanted to ride. This meant they had to wait their turn.

It was a wonderful day.

pictures to come soon

Calendar of Events for May

Saturday May 11: Ninth grade student and parent meeting at 8am in Ordway Living Room.  “All the answers to questions you never thought to ask.”  The ninth grade movie for the class of 2012 will be shown.  There will also be a presentation on the four year academic plan, the dorm lottery for next year, and the advising program.  This will be followed by a time for more questions.

Wednesday May 13: Four year senior and ninth grade dessert in Ordway Living Room from 7pm to 8pm.  It is a chance for the ninth grade class to share time with the four year seniors.  The four year seniors will have an opportunity to share how they have grown and their reccomendations for the next group of four year seniors.  Of course there will be a make your own sundae bar.

Thursday May 14: Physics Day at Funtown/Splashtown in Saco Maine.  The ninth grade class and calculus classes will be traveling to Saco, Maine for a day of learning and fun.  We will leave at 6:30am and return around 5pm.  The students will be asked to conduct different experiments while enjoy the day with each other and the many fun rides.  It is a great day of fun! You can learn more by visiting:

Ninth Grade Movie 2009 is in the works.

The ninth grade class is creating a digital story about their year. Each ninth grade student was asked to contribute three pictures.  The students were asked to pick moments that had meaning and are representative of who he/she is, what he/she has learned, what he/she achieved, and what he/she does as a member of the Gould Academy community. Some themes they kept in mind are friendship, learning, living in the moment, collaboration, competition, and intellectual and emotional growth. This allowed the students to reflect back on what he/she has done, and learned.

The movie will be have its first showing on Saturday May 11 at 8am during the ninth grade student and parent meeting in Ordway Hall. It will also be posted here in the near future. Check back to view it or watch last year’s video.

Ninth Grade Digital Stories

The ninth grade students created digital stories in their English classes. They used their experience from their four point trip to China to create a story that focuses on their perceptions, and memories. This story will live as a part of that experience.

Here are a few examples of the students work.

You can find more digital stories at

Enjoy the show!!!

Want to be a ninth grade mentor?

You can become a ninth grade mentor for the 2009-2010 school year. It is a rewarding experience that will allow you to share part of yourself with others while helping new ninth grade students. All you have to do is fill out an application and turn it in to Mr. Shifrin by Thursday April 9. All the applications will be reviewed by a small group of current mentors and Mr. Shifrin. We are looking for students that have demonstrated a strong connection to Gould and have contributed to the community in a positive manner. I hope you decide to apply for this leadership opportunity.

You can go to the application page to read more and print the application.

Celebrating the Super Bowl at Gould

Many of the students gave up two hours of their Sunday afternoon for a study hall in preparation for the Super Bowl game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals.

The festivities began around 3:30pm with snacks in Ordway Hall.  As the game time approached the kitchen crew brought out more food.  Some items of interest were jalapeno poppers, nachos, hot wings, perogies, and two three foot long Rothlisberger sandwiches.  These sandwiches contained hamburger, cheese, coleslaw, french fries, lettuce and tomato. There were also ice cream sundaes for half-time.

The students enjoyed this opportunity to watch the game and hang out with friends.  I hope to add some pictures of the event soon.